About Our Owner


Roland’s Motor WorksThe owner of Roland’s Motor Works or RMW began working on motorcycles, and anything else that had an engine, in his youth. He worked at various service stations as an auto mechanic before discovering his passion for working on motorcycles in 1968 after a friend told him about an opening at Tibby’s Harley-Davidson in Springfield, MA. With a history of owning a Yamaha snowmobile shop and of being a co-owner of Easthampton Harley-Davidson in the early 1970’s, Roland moved on to building and operating his own business. Although his current business has no corporate affiliation with Harley-Davidson he has gone through all of the Harley-Davidson service school programs throughout the years and few other motorcycle mechanics, locally or nationally, can compare.

Expertise on Performance Machines

He admits enjoying working on performance machines with the motorcycle being much more sensitive than most to engine adjustments. Roland customizes Harley-Davidsons, and is often seen giving honest advice on how to best customize a motorcycle given varying budgets. It is common for most motorcycle enthusiasts to want to make changes to their motorcycles each year to add to its look and/or overall performance. “Then again,” Roland states, “it is not uncommon to see someone pay $25,000.00 for a brand new Harley and then invest as much in order to add horsepower, add chrome parts, get a new paint job, and more.

Roland’s Motor Works first opened in 1991 and initially he planned to give his new business five years to succeed. After many successful years and large additions to the shop and staff, Roland’s Motor Works in Northampton, MA is here to stay!

In the words of many of his satisfied customers, “Nobody works on my bike but Roland!”