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Looking to give your Harley-Davidson motorcycle a new makeover? Or, do you need an inspection? Come to Roland’s Motor Works in Northampton, MA. We are a full service motorcycle repair shop specializing in custom designs, performance enhancement and custom chrome parts. We work on all types of modifications for high performance on Harley and other performance bikes.

We have 2021 inspection stickers, offer general maintenance, and other motorcycle services!

Harley Davidson Expert

Our founding owner, Roland Tessier (1945-2018) was well-known as an expert mechanic. He specialized in working on Harley-Davidsons and he also had his own custom motorcycle line known as Roland?s Thunder. He took great pride in his service work and retail shop that he ran for almost 30 years with his wife Pam. Despite having no corporate affiliations with Harley-Davidson, he completed all of their service school programs throughout the years. Very few other mechanics were able to match his level of experience and expertise in motorcycle repair and custom builds. Read more about how he established Roland's Motor Works (RMW).

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